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  1. Xdolte had really delt with me b4.. they kept on milking me of my money till I ran out of cash…. Thank God for flash fund app, I wish I transacted with them via bank accounts, they would have heard from me via my fladhfund app

  2. You don’t mean this… I just mauf my first payment yo xdolte and they told me I have to pay for key again after telling me the first payment was for both app n key

  3. Thank God my first search directed me to flashfund… No time… I’ve got some deals with my favorite app

  4. Thanks bro …. another notice softwaremasta is equally a scam I paid him for the cardro pro v8.5 and since a month now he hasn’t given me what I purchased fo WhatsApp me and I will show you our conversation….09034906708

  5. Also beware of Ohagwa Chimdi Miracle aka chiddy k bambi with phone number 08066613944 is fraudster and a scammer, the apps in all his youtube videos are fake apps, he will not send you any of those apps because they dont work, he created them just for illustration to deceive people to think it works, the alert he received in the video is sent from another phone close to him, he edit his videos using an app called AndroVid then add his voice later to look like it is recorded live while he is recording the screen, he also uses an app called App Editor to edit an app (he will change the name and change the image of the app to look like the one in his video that you want to buy) after sending money to him he will be acting like he is busy with many client (it’s all lies) he is only using this time to edit a fake app that won’t open after installation, when you contact him about the issue he will tell you your device corrupted the app (another lie), if you try to install the very app he sent you on another device he will tell you any app he sent you cannot work on another device (yet another lie), and when you request for replacement he will tell you he cannot send a replacement or refund you any money, your money is gone!…he scammed my friend using exact same method. If you visit is YouTube channel you will notice he hides the comments of people he scammed when they call him out there, the other comments on his page are the comment he did himself after creating multiple gmail accounts to make it look like its people commenting, its all lies and a big scam.

    This is his bank details:

    Account Number: 0071879322
    PHONE NUMBER: 08066613944


    Here’s the link of his YouTube Channel:

  6. How can I know if he’s real or fake, other sites have render me hopelessly, I’m in debt now because I borrow to pay only to find out that I was in a wrong platform. Is this site real because no one refer me here I only get here through search.

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