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  1. Please I have access to someone’s atm card and the person has a lump sum of money. Is there a way I can remove the money from the card without withdrawing?

    1. With the carding feature on our tool, all you need to withdraw money from a victims account is the persons account number, and bank

  2. Please I have been trying to reach you guys on WhatsApp but I’ve not gotten any response, I think the issue is from my end. Please message me on WhatsApp @08085348227

  3. How can I get the updated version of the app? Someone told me he has it but I want to get it directly from you guys, cause I got the one I’m using now from you guys

  4. I had odd feelins when i wanted to pay for the app but they cleared my doubt and sent it, I still didn’t stop doubting till I used my cousins account for a test run, I was shocked when I got to a cash out point, I was able to withdraw the money but the account went negetive after 24 hours… I felt so excited

  5. I need to pay my debts and increase my income which is very small to compare with today expenses from rent to daily needs and I need to get a new laptop to work after my day shift at me at home. Please tell me the process n how it works

  6. Lol, I had mixed feelings thou before I started using their servics and they came through for me, i could actually bet my left balls on this guys they are fuckin legit

  7. From having doubts about this coz it sounded to good to be true I have made lots of bucks of over 300k bucks I am just happy coz i’ve never had any problems with the app

  8. Hi I am new here, Does this really work? Im in need of help in order to pay for school and other debts.

  9. Hlw..I am from India..I want to flash Indian bank account in available balance..Pls suggest me the best version from which can flash Indian bank accounts..

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