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    1. A debit alert to the sender and credit alert to the recipient. The debit alert will not connect to your actual bank account. You have the option of setting up your debit alert format in the app. NOTE: Only credit alert reflects on account balance

  1. Pls help me house, have read a lot of testimony on this since people have been running this 2019, how can I get paid cuz I want to pay hospital bills, what information do you need, from Nigeria

  2. I never believe this at first but after the trial and received the $4k i am with you all through. this christmas will be a memorable for i and my kids

  3. hello guys are you still in business I reside in UAE and will want to purchase order for $50.000 i have your fee ready and let me know if i can pay through bitcoin or bank transfer

  4. Hey guys i lost your url and i’ve been scammed by guys claiming they offer bank hacking services, please i regret using them. I want to continue using your bank transfer service coz you guys are the real deal. i have my $150 ready in bitcoin please reply my mail with your bitcoin address. thanks

  5. Hi I need the cash but the routing number might be a problem for me to get or can it be a 3 figure number.Am in Kenya and is it possible to do the bussiness

  6. did you get your application? I’m skeptical in using their service because i’ve been ripped 4 times by scammer

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